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The Top Window Blinds, Shades & Shutter Company in Littleton, CO

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By now, you've likely heard the name Greene Designs Inc., at least if you've ever done any research on a Littleton shutter company. We go above and beyond to ensure that each of our customers gets the results that they want and deserve.

Completing the look of your home sweet home isn't possible without choosing window treatments. Yet, you can't make good choices about your window shades, shutters, or blinds, without expert help from a reliable industry expert.

Littleton home and business owners alike, know they can count on us to create the look they've always wanted. Keep in mind, however, it's not just about appearance, you need window treatments that provide the privacy, light control, and security.

Window Treatment Doss & Don'ts

One of the tasks you'll have to take care of, as a Littleton homeowner, is working with a professional for your window treatments. Getting generic store-bought shades, shutters, or blinds shouldn't be an option you consider because custom is king and here's why:

  • Add Value
  • Fit Unique Windows
  • Better Quality
  • More Choices
  • Stunning Results

So, regardless of the type of window coverings you select, some dos and don'ts of window treatments include:

  • Don't hang draperies too low, which means right above the windows. This tends to make the windows and the walls look stunted and limits the amount of light that you allow in.
  • Do layer your treatments. This adds depth and beauty, as well as helps make it possible to have as much or as little light as you want.
  • That being said, don't go overboard! It can be easy to get tempted to incorporate too much into your window treatment design and make it look cluttered and busy instead of elegant.
  • When it comes to draperies, do let them go past the window sill or, for floor length, let them drape the floor. Let your curtains fall past where the window ends or lightly kiss the floor.
  • Don't settle for skinny shutter slats when oversized louvers are more dramatic. This is why plantation shutters have become so popular.

Details for Deciding on Your Drapes

As with any type of window treatment, you have choices within the category to. For draperies and curtains this includes things like fabrics and colors.

What are some details you'll need to consider when it comes to drapes?

  • Light Filtration - Light and airy or heavy and dramatic?
  • Types of Headers - This includes considerations like pinch pleat or grommet.
  • Hardware - Curtain rods, finials, and hooks are details to review.

The good news is that you don't have to do it alone. Call us today and get the best service possible from a local Littleton shades, blinds, draperies, and shutter company.

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