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The Best Window Blinds, Shades & Shutter Company in Lakewood, CO

Roller shades

Greene Designs Inc. is just that - the premier provider for important services you'll need from a Lakewood window blind company. We're committed to helping our residential and commercial customers get the service they need but the high-quality results they deserve.

Few people realize all the things your window treatments do for your home because it's about a lot more than just good looks. In addition to the visual aesthetics, they help with privacy, security, and property value.

Don't settle for inferior results, especially if it means giving in and purchasing store-bought, mass produced window treatments. You'll love the way your Lakewood home looks and feels with the custom-made window shades, shutters, and blinds we have to offer.

Why Honeycomb Shades Maximize Energy-Efficiency

You've probably seen honeycomb shades yet may not realize why they look like that. Also called cellular shades, these window blinds are among the most energy-efficient and that's no mistake because it's designed that way.

Some of the benefits of implementing these shades into your Lakewood home:

  • The air pocket design creates maximum insulating capabilities. It prevents hot or cold air escaping or getting in, so your home is more energy-efficient.
  • This means lower monthly utility costs and a more Eco-friendly home. Saving green and being green are two main concerns for any household.
  • Both light filtering and blocking abilities. You can allow in plenty of soft diffused lighting or block it out completely.
  • Top down bottom up option. This allows for better privacy and light control.
  • Option to do way with the cord. Cordless window treatments mean there's no threat of injury or strangulation and that's important for your pets and small children.

If what you want is both refined beauty and better insulation, this is the perfect window covering for you.

Window Treatment Cleaning Pros

One of the most useful tips for window treatment cleaning is call a professional. A DIY word of advice for cleaning your blinds, shutters, shades, and draperies is to pick up the phone and call an expert to handle the job.

Why is it important to get regular cleaning for your window dressings?

  • Clean & Sanitized
  • Dust Removal
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Improved Appearance
  • Prolong Lifespan

While this is especially important for households with members who suffer from asthma or allergies, anyone can feel better from having clean window treatments. Certain treatments are a higher risk for collecting dirt and dust, such as draperies because of the fabric fibers.

For the simple pride of ownership in your home, let our pros take care of cleaning, repairs, and anything else you may need. For all of the work you need from a reliable Lakewood window blind company, give us a call.

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